Congratulations to all of our grant winners. Alliance Area Development, and Alliance Make It Yours, has awarded over $5,000 to 11 great projects. We’re excited to see how these organizations are going to Make Alliance Theirs in the coming months and years!

Warm Up Alliance

Pepin’s Place

What they are doing:

  • They knit scarves for all ages that are given out by service organization
  • All labor is donated
  • Their goal is to knit over 600 scarves by the end of the year!
Cooking for the Soul

Alliance Make it Yours - Cooking for the SoulOrganization:
Susie Buckle Circle of United Methodist Women at Christ United Methodist Church

What they are doing:

  • They provide free cooking and nutrition classes to women and children of the community
  • Their classes meet once a week for three weeks
  • They also promote other aspects of the community, such as the farmers market

“Just getting to meet the women in the community and seeing them learn new ways to make things for their families is very exciting.” -Jamie Greiner, Suzie Buckle Circle Member

Sing for your Supper Youth Group

Family Empowerment Ministries Inc.

What they are doing:

  • They work with youth ages 5-18 to provide life skills
  • Students receive lessons for food planning, preparation, cooking, and baking
  • Vocal lessons are included, and their choir performs concerts for nursing homes as service work

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Project Refresh

Friends of the ParkOrganization:
Friends of the Park, Inc. and Keep Alliance Beautiful

What they did:

  • They transitioned 3 mulch beds from landscape to hardscape
  • This beautified the corners of Liberty and State, Maplewood and Union, and Center Ave. and Electric Blvd.
  • They improved overall community aesthetics
Pay-It-Forward Camp

Camp LiMRodOrganization:
Camp LiMRod

What they did:

  • 5 high schoolers and 5 counselors performed 30 hours of service each in Alliance
  • They hauled 12 tons of dirt at the Alliance Family YMCA
  • They also sorted clothes for a clothing drive, weeded a garden, painted a house, and much more

“Our high schoolers were great workers. Even when we were hulling dirt, and that was really hard work, they did not complain once.” -Jennifer Hoffman, Camp Director

Main Street Snowflakes

AHS Class of 1966

What they will do:

  • They plan to decorate downtown Alliance for the holiday season
  • 24 giant, LED snowflakes have been purchased, but they are working to fund raise for 20 more
  • The AHS Class of 1966 is going to match the amount received within the mini grant

“I think it’s important for the city of Alliance to look nice during the holidays.” -Leigh Mainwaring, class of 1966 member

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Curb Appeal

Alliance Area Habitat for Humanity

What they are doing:

  • They provide assistance with landscaping, power washing houses, and other small projects
  • The families of these homes that requested assistance work with the volunteers
  • Volunteers make a visual impact and help community members take pride in their area

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Downtown Alliance: A Place of Dreams

Downtown Special Events Commission

What they are doing:

  • They host weekend events in downtown Alliance for families, including concerts and performances
  • The goal is to create events that are safe and kid friendly
  • Future events will feature artists and art supplies for kids to create their own masterpieces

“Even though downtown Alliance is not the retail center of a State Street like it once was, it is my belief that it is important to foster its importance as a place of inspiration and creative, where dreams can happen. That is its true legacy.” -Stephanie Ujhelyi, Downtown Special Events Commission Chair

Alliance Mission Encounter

Alliance Mission EncounterAlliance Mission Encounter2Organization:
First Baptist Church

What they did:

  • They worked with 60-70 volunteers to do community service projects around Alliance
  • First Baptist Church works alongside multiple other churches in the area
  • Together, the churches frequently help elderly folks in the community who need help with outdoor work and projects that involve a lot of manual labor

“We’re doing it to help other people, but we get just as much satisfaction from it as they do.” -Judy Douglas, Alliance Mission Encounter member

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Dairy Queen Ice Cream

Alliance Police Department and Alliance Dairy Queen

What they are doing:

  • Officers give vouchers to the kids they meet while they are driving around on patrol
  • Children may redeem them for ice cream at Dairy Queen in Alliance
  • The program builds relationships between the public officers and the community kids

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