AultCare is Making Alliance Theirs

As a local healthcare organization, AultCare serves members in the surrounding community. Proud to deliver their services to Alliance and other local areas, AultCare shows their support each year through a variety of philanthropic efforts.

Competitive Value, Beyond a Healthcare Plan

Through innovative, cost-effective initiatives, AultCare offers a competitive value to all of its customers. Since its inception in 1985, AultCare provides customers with a connected value that extends beyond a health plan. AultCare’s delivery of healthcare plans encompasses a diverse spectrum of value, which incorporates advanced technology with innovation, integrated care coordination supported by their quality measures, an expanded and cost-effective network, strong partnerships on a local and national level, and outstanding customer relationships. Superior customer service is at the core of their culture as they strive to assist members with any need they may have.

“At AultCare, we continually evolve to provide the best health care practices for our members. We develop technology practices and business strategies to keep up with the demand of an ever-changing industry.”

The benefit of AultCare is to give the Board Members and community some control over what happens, rather than leaving it to far-off insurance companies and far-off hospitals. The overall goals are always to keep as many services in Stark County as possible, and to keep costs down to the local community.

AultCare remains customer-service focused. Their dedicated team continually strives to provide customers with the information and resources they need. Additionally, AultCare still holds true to one of their founding principles: they will always be here to talk over the phone, meet in person, or correspond via email to address the needs of customers.

Serving the Community for Over 30 Years

Since 1985, AultCare has been invested in the local community. AultCare’s service area encompasses five counties, which include: Stark, Carroll, Holmes, Tuscarawas, and Wayne counties. The core of their provider network is also in these five counties. Upon its development, the key at AultCare was to keep high-quality care in Stark County while supplying the need for local control and accountability to our community.

Each day, over 500 AultCare employees strive to give their customers a value that is unprecedented in the healthcare industry. AultCare is a dynamic organization which makes it an exciting place to work. With each new day, employees are presented with challenges, and as a team, work together to remain a leading organization in the community.

If you are searching for a career in the healthcare field that combines accelerated healthcare initiatives and philanthropic efforts, then AultCare is the ideal organization to contribute to the field of healthcare and insurance as you establish deep connections within our great community.

AultCare is proud to employ individuals from the communities that they serve. Their employees live and raise families in the communities they serve, so AultCare has established strong relationships with local physicians and hospitals.

Strong Ties to Alliance 

For over 20 years, AultCare has maintained a strong relationship with Alliance Community Hospital. With deep roots in Alliance, AultCare has an additional opportunity to continue to deliver its comprehensive network and population health initiatives through quality customer service, care coordination, and cost-effective health care plans. Additionally, numerous employer groups from Alliance have entrusted AultCare to effectively manage their health care needs for their employees.

Inspired by one of their founding principles of serving in the community, AultCare created its own philanthropic initiative, AultCaring in the Community. Started in 2002, AultCare employees take advantage of the opportunity to volunteer at a variety of non-profit organizations around Stark County, including in Alliance at the Stuckey Family Interfaith Child Development Center. AultCare continues to look for opportunities to give back to the Alliance community through a variety of philanthropic efforts.

Additionally, AultCare supports local high schools, including Alliance High School, through their Scholarship Program. Supporting the future leaders of the community is an initiative AultCare takes great pride in. Each year, AultCare is excited to offer a scholarship program to those students who embody the importance of taking initiative, demonstrating advocacy, and exhibiting qualities of merit.

More to Know About AultCare

AultCare’s products and services include health plans for large and small employer groups, Marketplace, dental, vision, wellness, FSA, HRA, HSA, stop loss coverage, workers’ compensation (AultComp MCO), data analytics, other ancillary products, and Medicare Plans under AultCare’s PrimeTime Health Plan and PrimeTime Choices. Together, these entities combine to provide a complete healthcare experience. Each day, AultCare employees strive to give their customers an exceptional value in the healthcare industry.