In 1987, Todd Pugh began his landscaping company with a single truck and one $5 per week client. Thirty years later, Enviroscapes now serves three states, employs hundreds of community members and ranks within the top 5% of Outdoor Career Companies Nationwide.

Rex in the Morning Interview

Enviroscapes Founder and CEO, Todd Pugh, joined Alliance Area Development President Tom Pukys on Rex In the Morning on WPDN to share more about his business and how the Greater Alliance Area has contributes to its success.

Enviroscapes Employees Understand It’s More Than Just Mowing

Enviroscapes Owner and CEO, Todd Pugh, attributes his success to his team.

“I always start with people who are passionate and driven. It’s those career-minded individuals who understand working at Enviroscapes can be more than just cutting grass,” says Todd.

Enviroscapes adds over 100 new staff members every year. Dedicated to helping employees transition into long-term careers, he sets them up for success with competitive pay, and great healthcare and 401K plans. And during their training, employees also learn about opportunities to advance within the company.

“We provide structured opportunities for our team to grow and reach their professional and personal goals. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing team members rise from within the company to management and leadership positions.”

This is the core of Todd’s business philosophy. Career-minded employees with a passion for landscaping has enabled Enviroscapes to grow into a thriving, multi-million dollar business.

“We provide structured opportunities for our team to grow and reach their professional and personal goals. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing team members rise from within the company to into management and leadership positions.”

CEO, Todd Pugh

Why Alliance?

The Alliance community has made it worthwhile for Enviroscapes to stay in the area.

“We work for clients who care about their image. The Alliance community not only cares about their properties, but these businesses prefer to do work with local contractors if they can offer the services that are needed. Their support has helped us grow,”  Todd explained.

He added, “Local businesses are also invested in the city of Alliance and are continually doing their part to make it a better place to live, work and play. When everyone is working to to improve the community, it becomes contagious. This is another reason we’ve stayed.”


An Industry Leader in Outdoor Careers

Enviroscapes provides commercial landscape services to some of the largest businesses in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Companies like Timken and First Energy choose Enviroscapes because of their quality work and exceptional service.

“In today’s corporate environment, it’s not common to find a locally owned regional provider like us that has the capacity of a National Firm. I truly believe that companies, especially those in the Greater Alliance Area, prefer to support local, homegrown businesses. That, combined with our great track record, is how we’ve built long-lasting relationships with our clients.”

Todd’s great track record is about more than completing a job on time, it’s how he approaches landscaping.

Enviroscapes employs the latest technology to provide clients with the best service possible. They create and patent their own equipment, have GPS trackers on every vehicle for worker accountability and even use drones to survey large properties. This, in conjunction with their Green practices and range of landscaping services, has allowed Enviroscapes to become one of the top Outdoor Career Companies Nationwide.

This spring, you’ll see the Enviroscapes crew all over Alliance and the Greater Alliance Area, from Mount Union to Timken.

How Enviroscapes Impacts the Greater Alliance Area

  • Adds over 100 new employees each year
  • Maintains several National and State Award winning projects, putting The Greater Alliance Area on the map
  • Staff participates in local volunteer opportunities and fundraising opportunities
  • Uses LEAN Business Practices – a win for the business and the community
  • Holds annual employee focused “Growing Day” featuring educational guest speakers and connects employees to resources