Winkle Industries’ customers rely on their design and manufacturing expertise, as well as their wide range of equipment management and maintenance services. Operating in Canfield, Ohio for over 50 years, Winkle moved their business to Alliance in 2004 — each year finding ways to give back to the community that has helped them grow!

A Trusted Business Partner Thanks to Experienced Employees

Founded in 1949, Winkle Industries offers award-winning expertise in the engineering, manufacturing and remanufacturing of lifting devices, cranes and material handling equipment. Their trained, experienced staff partners with businesses to offer preventive maintenance programs, superior technical support, field support, on-site product training, post-sale evaluations and more, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity in their facilities.

In order to support continuous improvement in their engineering and manufacturing processes and offer the best services to their customers, Winkle believes in investing in advanced engineering and manufacturing technologies, but more importantly in the people getting the job done. Owner Joe Schatz credits his talented employees for his business’ success.

Employing 75 people in Alliance, Winkle Industries is a great place to work — They enjoy hosting on-campus cookouts and events every year and treat their employees more like an extended family. Winkle Industries is also an equal opportunity employer who offers competitive wages and benefits to their employees.

Kevin Lhota and Tom Polczynski

Owner Joe Schatz is thankful for the support and encouragement of the city of Alliance and the Alliance Business Community. “The businesses in Alliance support each other. When you conduct business here, you’re part of the community,” says Joe. “There are great resources here and I’m very proud to be a part of what Alliance has to offer to new and existing businesses.”

Winkle Industries Made Alliance Home in 2004

Originally located in Canfield, Ohio, owner Joe Schatz began his professional career at Winkle Industries in 1987 and worked as a Regional Sales Manager. Ten years later he purchased the business from the Winkle Family. After years of expansion, including expanding their Engineering Department and beginning to manufacture their own brand of lifting devices, Winkle began looking for a new place to relocate their growing business.

Winkle Industries knew Alliance was the right place — not only did owner Joe Schatz grow up here and play sports here, when he expressed interest in moving his business here, the support he received sealed the deal. Winkle Industries is grateful for all the support they received — for the investments from the Mastroianni family and owners of Alliance Ventures, and from the city of Alliance who helped with site selection, securing state and local tax abatement, low interest rates and more.

“They encouraged me, they coached me, they laid out options,” said Joe. “They’re a huge reason why I decided to relocate to Alliance.”

Winkle Industries relocated to Alliance in 2004 and is now proud to be a part of the Alliance Business Community which has been a strong support system and resource for them throughout the years.

Community Involvement is How Winkle Says Thank You

Winkle Industries thanks the community for their continued support which has been essential to their success in Alliance over the past 13 years. To give back to Alliance, Owner Joe Schatz believes strongly in investing in our youth and supporting those in need within the community.

“Our youth are our future and they need support in defining and determining potential career paths,” says Joe. Winkle contributes regularly to local schools including the Alliance and Marlington School Districts. They also recently made a donation to Marlington High School to help with the cost of their new artificial surface for the football stadium!

Winkle has also contributed to Junior Achievement and the YMCA for the past several years. The employees at Winkle even have a program where they come together to find ways to support the community! Winkle also contributes to the United Way each year and is a member of the Alliance Chamber of Commerce. Owner Joe Schatz is on the board of the Alliance Area Development and our Director of Operations, Steve Young, has previously served on the boards of the Alliance YMCA and Alliance Chamber of Commerce.

More to Know About the Owner of Winkle Industries

Joe loves Alliance, and it shows by how Alliance is home to all three of his businesses! In addition to Winkle Industries, Joe’s business LiftTech Industrial Services employs a talented independent network of on call engineers, inspectors and technicians and also offers professional engineering support. Also in Alliance, Joe’s company ProEn Engineering, originally founded in 1989, offers mechanical, structural and electrical engineering design, analysis and consulting services.