About Joe Schatz, President of Winkle Industries, LiftTech Industrial Services & ProEn

Joe Schatz couldn’t imagine having a business headquartered anywhere else but Alliance. He grew up here. Played sports here. And he’s chosen Alliance for his three successful engineering, consulting and manufacturing businesses in Alliance: Winkle Industries, LiftTech Industrial Services, ProEn Engineering.

Joe credits his family, talented employees, the Al building business relationships, giving back to his community and a lot of hard work.  And he’s especially grateful to the City of Alliance.

Joe was an employee of Canfield, Ohio-based Winkle Industries before he bought it. When it was time to expand, then-Alliance Mayor Tony Middleton and Business Development Director Vince Marion helped Joe secure state and local tax abatement and other incentives to help bring the business to his hometown.

“They encouraged me, they coached me, they laid out options,” said Joe. “They’re a huge reason why I decided to relocate to Alliance.”

Joe credits his talented, hard-working employees with the growth of his three businesses. Joe’s businesses and employees take great pride in supporting academic and athletic programs in both Alliance and Marlington schools, Junior Achievement, the Alliance YMCA and the United Way.

“The businesses in Alliance support each other. When you conduct business here, you’re part of the community,” says Joe. “There are great resources here and I’m very proud to be a part of what Alliance has to offer to new and existing businesses.”

Joe Schatz

Joe Schatz, President of Winkle Industries, LifeTech Industrial Services & ProEn

About Mike Conny, Founder & President of MAC Trailer
  • After high school, Mike worked ten-hour shifts for $4.50 an hour repairing trailers at another trailer company.
  • In 1992, he opened a one-man one-bay repair shop in Alliance called MAC Trailer, which now employees more than 1200 with four facilities in Alliance!
  • Mike gives back by supporting the Carnation Festival, the YMCA and the University of Mount Union, and Stark State College to name just a few.
  • Every year, it’s been MAC’s tradition to Dump Hunger by filling up a MAC Trailer with food for the Salvation Army.

“Alliance is a place where you can start out making $4.50 an hour and through hard work and the right opportunity, you can make a great living. MAC Trailer and Alliance are alike in that way. If you want a good living and the chance to advance, we’ve got opportunities for you to do that here at MAC.”

-Mike Conny, Founder & President of MAC Trailer

Mike Conny Receives Award

Mike Conny receives the 2015 Spirit of Enterprise Award from the Alliance Area Chamber of Commerce.

Tom Pukys - President for Alliance Area Development

When I first interviewed for the position of President for Alliance Area Development (AAD), I had some anxieties. I was very young in my career and the organization was fairly new with limited resources. However, the collaborative effort between the public and private sector was something I had not experienced before. The business community was eager to get engaged and move the community forward. I wanted to be part of this winning formula of teamwork and cooperation.

I quickly got to know some great people, such as Charlie Grove, one of the greatest storytellers I have ever encountered. He shared with me story after story from flying planes to doing business in Alliance. He told me stories about Jack Peters, Terry Tolerton, Joe Mastroianni and John Robertson. . . just to name a few. I learned about their commitment toward the Alliance community, how they made the most of their opportunities here, and how they passed down that commitment to the next generation.

I’ve seen so much growth in the manufacturing and service sectors as well as new retail developments on State Street. I still hear and learn new stories about entrepreneurs, community leaders, and Alliance citizens that work and live here, making their mark in this diverse community. Next month I’ll be celebrating my 11th year as President of AAD and the collaboration continues towards improving and enhancing the overall economic well-being and quality of life in the community. I couldn’t be prouder of my role in supporting economic development in the Alliance area and I look forward to a future filled with endless possibilities.

You heard my story, but we want to hear yours. In the coming months and over the next two years, we will be sharing the positives of our community, our success stories. If you have a positive story to tell, large or small, we will find a way to incorporate it into our campaign—in the paper, radio, digitally, and socially. Our mission is to let the positives of our community shine, while addressing challenges. Let’s keep the positive momentum going.

What makes Alliance special to you? Who has inspired you? Share a positive story or fact with us. Join in the fun and reward of improving your community. Join us in making Alliance everything it can be.

Tom Pukys:
President for Alliance Area Development